What Christmas Means To Me

Today is the first of December, which means that I can officially start to natter on at you about Christmas!

This is without a doubt my favourite holiday, and my favourite season, for so many reasons. So naturally I’m going to be updating you a lot over the holiday period. I’d like to promise that I’ll post everyday – but you never can tell with me so I’m not going to make a promise that I’m not certain I can keep! However, I can promise that I do have some very exciting things coming up this December including collabs and tags so watch this space.

Anyway, on to today’s post. At first I wasn’t too sure what would be best to kick off the month, but then I realised there would be no better way to start than to explain to you what Christmas means to me – besides the commercial event of the year.

What Christmas Means To Me


The first thing I think of when someone says Christmas is always family. I have always spent Christmas with my family and I hope that I will always be able to do that. I know far too many people who don’t get that luxury; so every Christmas that I do I like to make sure I love and appreciate them to the best of my ability. We watch movies, give gifts, watch old videos and spend time together just enjoying the company.


I know what you thought when you read that, and no I’m not referring to giving in the commercial spoil your child rotten with expensive toys that were probably made in some third world country by poor families and cost 50p to make. I mean giving something else. Christmas really is about giving something back. Donate to charity, lend a hand to your neighbour, give way to that jerk that won’t stop papping his horn. It’s all about having the patience and grace to accept others needs and help them whole heartedly.


Ah yes. The dreaded F word. It might be difficult to swallow but Christmas really isn’t the time of year to be holding onto grudges and bitterness. It’s a time to put our differences aside, be a little more accepting and replace conflict with love.


Speaking of which; love. Whether you’re religious or not this should resonate with you. The giving, the festivities, the message; it’s all about love. Love your friends and family, your colleagues, people in need, strangers in the street and even your enemies. I promise, you will enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling inside.


Despite all of the joy and the laughter it is important to remember that not everyone will be so fortunate this Christmas. Just around the corner people will be spending their Christmas alone with no gifts to give or receive and there will be families that can’t afford their Christmas dinner let alone presents. Remember these people at Christmas, love them and give generously. The true beauty of Christmas is this.

I have included a list of charitable causes to donate to below.

What does Christmas mean to you?

Rachel x

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