My Piece on Paris.

Generally I try to steer clear of writing things like this on my blog, but you guys are my friends and I feel comfortable with you so I’d just like to air a little something that has been grinding my gears lately.

Just as a disclaimer I’d like to point out that I do believe everyone is entitled to their opinion which they have the right to express, this is merely me stating mine, and that this is not personally attacking any of my readers. The tone of this article may come across as quite aggressive but please do not misread my passion as anger. I still love each and every one of you with my entire heart. 

The negativity surrounding the Paris attacks is literally infuriating to me.

“Was it a conspiracy? But people are killed all over the world everyday! Your Facebook filters don’t change anything! It was Muslims that attacked Paris and therefore I now hate all Muslims.”

Who gives a shit.

Even though we are going through a time of great sadness let’s take this opportunity to CHANGE what we are doing. Why do you have to be so negative about everything and be so self righteous in the face of such tragedy? Because you’re an idiot.

Who gives a damn if it was a so called “conspiracy” or not. People died for God’s sake, and the only thing you can focus on is whether this was some sort of government cover up? Get a grip.

Yes, people are killed all over the world by terrorists everyday. It is never right. It is never fair. It’s a shame that it takes something like this to bring our attention to the situation across the globe, but honestly what does it matter how we got there as long as all eyes and all minds are now focused on fighting terror?

My Facebook filter doesn’t change anything? What a disgustingly negative view to take. For you maybe it doesn’t change anything, but in that first moment that I saw my newsfeed filling up with the filter all I felt was warmth and love in my heart. At a time of such sadness and tragedy and when terrorism tried to break us apart; we were united despite our sadness. In that moment people all over the world were connected. Not only does that filter you deem as stupid mark our respect and condolences for the people affect by the Paris attacks, but it also brings us together in the face of terror.

If you think that RACISM, STEREOTYPING and SCAPEGOATING is the way to fight terror then may God help you. Because you, you great big buffoon, are giving terrorists exactly what they want. They want us to turn on each other, they want us to be afraid and push each other away, they want us to start segregating and stereotyping our fellow man and woman simply based on a religion that was hijacked and twisted into an unrecognisable mess. That is exactly the point of terrorism; to insight terror into the population. Grow up, grow a backbone, LOVE all of your neighbours, don’t blame an entire religion for the foul nature of extremists, come together and unite forces in the face of terror and most of all CARRY ON as usual. I’m not saying you should forget what has happened, no not at all. But, show them that we might be afraid and confused, show them we grieve for the loss of life all over the world and most of all show them that we DO NOT COWER in the face of terror and we as a world DO NOT BOW DOWN TO TERRORISTS.

Rachel x

9 thoughts on “My Piece on Paris.

  1. I haven’t seen any of the conspiracy things luckily. But well said, they are relying on the west to turn against Muslims so they feel unaccepted then they can turn to them for acceptance. We cannot let that happen.

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  2. Amen. Our world is filled with bloodshed and war and we must unite as one to rebel against conformity. As a pacifist violence fills me with disgust, I despise terrorism but at the same do not stereotype religious groups. Not all Muslims are terrorist and frankly if you think they are then you need to change your attitude. Whatever happened to life is too short to put others down? Let us fight against the people who make war and the killing of innocents a reality.
    Ana xx

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