10 Blog Post Ideas For When You’re Stuck ★

Yes I know today’s post is very late, but I did feel like a little break was deserved after my last post; Sharing a Secret – Skin Conditions and Mental Illness.

You’ll be happy to hear that today’s post is a lot less emotionally draining. The final Blogtober challenge is ’10 Blog Post Ideas.’

I’m a pretty creative person, or you could say I’m a pretty crazy person, either way I’m never short of ideas. Hey, they aren’t always great but it takes a lot to stop my creative juices flowing. I guess this is probably due to my excitable nature.

So, in the name of Blogtober I’d like to share a few of these ideas with you. Next time you’re stuck and you really want to get something written up, think of your old pal Rachel and head on over here. I’m always happy to help where I can.

10 Blog Post Ideas For When You’re Stuck

  1. Share one of your collections with us.
    This could be your shoe collection, handbags, stamps, baking ingredients, craft tools. Everybody loves a good collection, and it gives us inspiration to upgrade our own collections.
  2. Teach us something.
    Really. Teach as anything. Think of your talents and then share them. It could be a makeup tutorial, crafts, a recipe or even a blogging how to.
  3. Try a ‘follow me around’ style post.
    This doesn’t have to be fun filled or packed with adventure. Show us what you get up to on a lazy day. These posts are so relatable, and it really helps your readers to understand who you are.
  4. Try something new, and document the experience for us.
    Again this could be a new craft, a new recipe, a new product or a new makeup tutorial; anything that applies to your niche really. It doesn’t have to be a big success either – if you didn’t like it then tell us why and give us a recommendation for an alternative!
  5. Create an up to date wish list, everyone loves a good wish list.
    Wish lists, for some, are the blogger’s bread and butter. If you blog about travel create a list of your dream destinations, if you write about makeup write a list of your dream products and so on. This is a great way to inspire others, and hint to the ones that you love around Christmas and birthdays!
  6. Tell us about something that annoys you.
    Oh I know, it sounds like such a sin. But I promise this will not ruin your blog. Tell us about your beliefs and values, or even something trivial like that man who was rude to you on the tube earlier. People will respect your honesty, after all we are all human and social media only shows us one side of someone’s life.
  7. Tell us a story.
    Story time seems to be a very marmite topic amongst many bloggers. I personally love it; especially when it’s done well. This could be a sad story, something funny that happened to you a few weeks ago or even something from your childhood. I think you will find that plenty of your readers will be able to relate to you.
  8. Share some throwback pictures.
    On those days where you’re feeling a little lazy and you can’t really be bothered to type up a whole post throwbacks can be your saviour. These could be pictures from your childhood, a trip you took last year or even a throwback to your very first blog posts. Everyone loves to see how far you have come, and again it makes you more relatable.
  9. Introduce us to some of your friends/family.
    I understand that some of you will want to keep that part of your life very separate from your blog, and that’s fine. However, if you’re given permission from friends and family introduce us. Show us a few pictures of you together and tell us what you love about them. You could even throw in a little story.
  10. Use your experience to create a relatable ’10 things that happen when’ or ‘5 things that happen when’ post. Check out my ‘8 Things That Happen When You Don’t Go To University‘ post and my ‘5 Things No One Tells You About Being A Grown Up‘ post for examples.

So there you have 10 blog post ideas for the next time you get stuck. I hope this helps some of you next time you’re lost for ideas and you’re really wanting to get a post up! What are your suggestions for blog post topics? Let me know on Facebook and Twitter!

Rachel x

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