Blogtober Day Twenty Five – My Secret Hobby

Today’s Blogtober challenge requires me to tell you a little more about my hobbies, I was the one who decided to add the secret part.

Secret, because nobody knows or even suspects that I do this.

My secret hobby is ADULT COLOURING.

Animal Kingdom Colouring Book Cover

I know what you’re thinking – weird, nerdy, only children colour or perhaps you heard the word adult and your mind wandered straight to some place naughty. You’d be wrong. Adult Colouring is much more intricate than anything a child would do, and let me tell you it is incredibly soothing. In fact, many adult colouring books are advertised as being ‘stress relief.’

My adult colouring book is themed around the animal kingdom. Admittedly it was a little bit expensive, but the garden centre probably isn’t the best place to go if you’re thinking of taking up colouring as a hobby. Personally I’d recommend you check out Amazon and Ebay first.

Animal Kingdom Colouring Book Inside

Once you’ve purchased your colouring book all you need to do is choose your medium! I use fineliner pens, but it would work equally well with coloured pencils or crayons. The only important thing to ensure is that whatever you use the tip is fine enough for you to fill in the details.

Animal Kingdom Colouring Book My Colouring

So there you have it, my secret hobby. What do you get up to in your spare time?

Rachel x

19 thoughts on “Blogtober Day Twenty Five – My Secret Hobby

  1. Waaaaah!!! i got the secret garden version! bring on sharpies and neon colouring pencils. I must admit, one page can take me a good few hours of blissful delight. Your elephants are awesome! remind me of the Indian colour festival! Mine was only £6.99, did you get a bumper pack or something?

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