Blogger Box Share 2015

This year I have been very lucky to participate in the first ever Blogger Box Share!

In case you don’t know what that is. It’s basically a Blogger event where you are matched with a Blogger who is similar to yourself in terms of niche and size. You each have a budget of £10 of your own money which you use to fill a box full of surprises for your Blogger Box Share partner!

I was paired up with the wonderful Alice-Megan! We exchanged a few ideas after finding out we were partners and came up with the idea of basing our boxes around our local cuisine. I being from Louth, Lincolshire and Alice-Megan being of Sheffield we had plenty of surprises to fill our boxes with.

So, drum roll please, here are the contents of the Sheffield themed box…


You’ll probably recognise a couple of the brands above, Bassetts and Thorntons, which isn’t a huge surprise as I’m pretty sure they are popular all over the UK! However, the rest of the contents of this box are a mystery and I have to say i’m particularly excited to try the Pina Colada flavoured loose leaf tea!

If you’d like to see what I put in the Louth box for Alice-Megan, check out her post here.

What would you be most excited to try out of these goodies?

Rachel x

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