I Love Fall Tag

I have been dying to get tagged in an Autumn/Fall tag since the first day of October! Yay for me, my luck has come in!

First things first, a huge thank you to Ariana for tagging me, and you can check out her post here. The ‘I Love Fall Tag’ is 10 simple questions about Autumn, it doesn’t state whether or not to tag others. So, instead of tagging specific people I am going to tag all of you! Tweet me your answers, message me on Facebook, comment below or tag me in your blog post. I’d love to hear what you love about Autumn/Fall.

  1. Favourite Fall lip product?
    Normally I’m not one to wear a sheer lip and I’d much prefer a bold matte lip. However, this Aumtumn I have been simply loving Clinique’s Butter Shine Lipstick in the shade 454 Chocolate Ice. It’s got a slight twinkle and is a lovely brown shade without being too rich – perfect for everyday wear throughout the season.
  2. Favourite drink for Fall?
    Normally the answer to this would be some sort of starbucks concoction, but this year I’ve actually really been loving a simple Caramel Latte from Costa. The flavour isn’t too overwhelming but it certainly hits the spot!
  3. Favourite Fall nail polish?
    I’m not sure if this is part of the traditional fall colour wheel, but I’ve recently fallen back in love with this No7 polish. It doesn’t appear to have a specific shade on it but I’m certain if you took this picture to their counter they’d be able to point you in the right direction.
  4. Favourite Fall candle?
    Hands down the answer to this is Yankee Candle’s ‘Fireside Treats.’ It’s sweet, without being sickening, and I don’t have to burn it for long for it to fill my house with a gorgeous aroma for the rest of the day.
  5. Haunted house, haunted hay ride or haunted corn maze?
    None of these options sound appealing to me as I scare way too easily. But, if I had to choose, I guess I’d pick the haunted hay ride because at least I could sit down and close my eyes.
  6. Favourite accessory for Fall?
    Without a doubt my favourite ever fall accessory has to be this gorgeous scarf my Mum got me from Marks and Spencers last year. I love that both sides have a different pattern, and I can wear this with practically anything. Plus it is SO COZY.
  7. Favourite Fall candy?
    For this time of year I love limited edition Halloween candies. It really gets me into the spirit of the season! My favourite is probably the spooky green Cream Egg.
  8. Favourite horror movie?
    I hate horror movies with a passion. I can’t say I’ve ever watched one that didn’t absolutely terrify me. I hate every single one I’ve ever seen, so I’ll let you take your pick. I’ve seen Gothika, Paranormal Activity 1 and 2, Haunting in Conneticut 2, 30 Days of Night, Scream and one about a spooky ghost baby? Your guess is as good as mine.
  9. Favourite blush for Fall?
    I tend to pick a peachy blush for the warmer months, and then go for a bluer pink in the colder months. Right now I’m loving Clinique’s Blushing Blush Powder in the shade Pink Love.
  10. Favourite thing about Fall?
    There are so many things I love about Fall; Halloween, the count down to Bonfire Night and Christmas, colder nights spent snuggled up indoors, crisp walks with Yogi, the start of the season’s sales and warm drinks on fresh mornings. If I had to pick one thing then I’d have to say my favourite thing about Fall is the spirit. Everyone seems to be more cheerful, the shops are packed full of seasonal goods and there are plenty of chances for you to celebrate with friends.

So there you have my answers for the ‘I Love Fall Tag.’ I tag everyone reading this to have a go! Make sure you tag me in your post, or contact me on Twitter or Facebook with your answers. I’d love to hear them!

Rachel x

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