Blogtober Day Twenty – The Perfect Work Space

I’m still catching up from the Blogtober days that I missed, sorry!

Today’s post was actually supposed to be all about ‘what’s on my desk’ but if you read my Behind The Scenes Of My Blog post then you’d know I don’t have one! I have nothing against desks at all, and I do hope to have one someday soon, but right now there isn’t any room in our house.

For now, I make do by using my bed. Why not hey? It’s comfortable, quiet and allows me time to really relax and get into my writing. To me that’s what blogging is all about.

My makeshift desk.
My makeshift desk.

So what am I going to talk to you about today? I’d like to share with you some tips for creating the perfect work space. Whether you’re a student, blogger, work from home or you just want somewhere quiet to be with your thoughts it’s actually quite important that you consider your ideal work space carefully.

The Perfect Work Space

The perfect work space must be:

  • Quiet
    If you’ve ever attempted to do your homework last minute on the school bus then you will know exactly what I mean here. The perfect work space must be quiet. It seems simple but really people do neglect this when choosing there workspace. A calm and quiet area of your house, or neighbourhood, will allow you to think clearly. For example if your house is near some train tracks I’d pick a room facing away from them, or failing that pick a quiet corner at your local library.
  • Organised
    When I say organised I mean free from mess and clutter. When creating or choosing your perfect work space try to organise your necessities neatly and don’t clutter the room with objects. i like to use glass jars to organise some of my belongings as they look pretty and keep things tidy.
  • Comfortable
    Another factor that seems so simple but is often neglected. Make sure to pick a comfortable chair, sofa or something to sit on. If you’re constantly fidgeting around trying to get comfortable trust me you will not get much work done. Instead try to go into your work space and settle down before working. Make yourself a drink, light a candle or something that will help to relax you and adopt a comfortable posture.
  • Easy on the eye
    This is a pretty similar point to keeping your ideal work space organised. You aren’t going to want to work to your full potential in a room that is too plain and boring, or at the other end of the scale too busy and distracting! Try to keep decorative ornaments to a minimum – perhaps a vase of flowers and some scented candles, and any ugly decor that grinds your gears needs to be fixed. Pronto!
  • Adequately lit
    Personally I prefer a room to be well lit with a good white light and possibly some candles or a table lamp at night time. This allows me to focus comfortably on my work without squinting to try and see my laptop screen. However, I’m aware that for some people this can be distracting and they do prefer a dimly lit room. Figure out what works best for you and roll with it.
  • Secluded
    Ah another huge factor. When you’re working, you’re working. If you have children, pets, flatmates a partner or parents living with you tell them politely to buzz off. There is nothing more distracting than a dog licking your toes or a hungry boyfriend coming in every five minutes to ask “what are you doing” and “what are we having for dinner.” Your work space is a place that is solely for you. You need to concentrate, and don’t feel bad about banning people from entering it when you’re busy.

So there you have my tips for creating the perfect work space. I try to stick to these as closely as I can when I have assignments to finish and things to do. What tips do you have for creating the perfect work space?

Rachel x

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