Blogtober Day Eighteen – Dear Sixteen Year Old Me

Ah, sixteen year old me. Now isn’t that a funny thought?

I have to warn you. Todays post isn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows. Sixteen year old me was a bit of an idiot, and I’m not best pleased about it. I’ve certainly learnt from and even come to terms with my mistakes. But I can’t say that I didn’t spend sleepless nights wishing I could go back and change things.

So with that in mind, if you’re wanting a happy or positive post to cheer you up you’d better look elsewhere. I’ll try my best not to delve too deep into things, but I’m not making any promises.

Dear Sixteen Year Old Me

  • That boy, no matter how much he calls himself a man he isn’t, is not going to stick around. Unfortunately his intentions were never genuine. He’s going to cheat on you, and then make you feel responsible for it. He’ll tell you you’re ugly, fat and everything in between and then have the audacity to accuse you of flaunting yourself. He’ll push you and push you and push you until you just can’t take anymore. It’s okay though. You learnt some big lessons from that.

  • You really need to work harder at school. I know your teachers are always telling you how smart you are and how much potential you have. It isn’t a compliment honey. Buck up your ideas, now. You are going to do okay, but when you’re older you’ll regret not trying harder because you could have done so much better. Especially when your little sister is so successful and having so much fun. I promise you going out with your friends every weekend and sitting on MSN after school is not worth it.

  • You should probably start eating, well, better. You’re not fat, not at all, and you’re beautiful just the way you are. Your body deserves a little respect. A size six isn’t overweight, and you’re doing more damage than good restricting your diet at such a young age. If you’re feeling guilty about your eating habits perhaps you could take up horse riding or even the gym again? Just remember to stay balanced.

  • This is probably one of the last periods in your life that you’ll ever experience true innocence. You’re on the cusp of young adulthood, and soon you’ll have a lot of responsibilities. Make the most of that innocence. Next time your friends invite you out drinking at the weekend try staying in with Mum and Dad instead. Watch a movie, just enjoy the time you have left as a kid. Being an adult is great, and I wouldn’t change my life right now, but you don’t realise how easy you have it right now.

  • Thank you. Yep I said it. I’ve put you down enough, but I’d really like to say thank you. You forged some amazing friendships for me. I’m still in touch with so many of them now. I owe a lot of my life lessons to you, and no matter how silly I seem on the outside these days I have my head firmly screwed on. Those are some things that I owe to you, and I’m always grateful. You made me the person that I am today, perhaps I’d be a little more naive and a little less responsible if it wasn’t for that.

Rachel x

2 thoughts on “Blogtober Day Eighteen – Dear Sixteen Year Old Me

  1. This was lovely, its so easy to make mistakes when your that young and regret them later, I know I made plenty, but you’re right, the people we were then made us the people we are now, and that cant be a bad thing x

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