Blogtober Day Sixteen – Questions To My Future Self

I love any task that allows me to set goals for my future, focus and really think about what I’m doing. I think many of us do. It’s nice to imagine how amazing our life could be and plan for our own success. Of course things change and so do our plans but that’s the nature of life.Β So as you can imagine, I loved today’s Blogtober challenge.

When I think of my future I see myself in a nice family home, married and with an amazing career as a freelance writer. Hey, that might not happen. But this is what I am dreaming of right now. So, with that in mind, here are the questions that I would ask my future self.

Questions To My Future Self

  1. Did you ever pull your finger out and start practising yoga regularly like you promised?
  2. What ever became of that veggie phase? Did you completely give up meat?
  3. Have you grown out of your tendancy to get inappropriately drunk at any given opportunity?
  4. How’s your little sister? Are you two better friends now that you’re older?
  5. Are you still in touch with your friends from secondary school? You promised you always would be.
  6. I heard you vow once that you’d make it back to Australia. Did you, and did you visit your old friends?
  7. Was all that scrimping and saving for your very first own home worth it?
  8. Did you get to wear that pair of Christian Loubitins you dreamed of on your wedding day?
  9. Now that you’re making more money do you spoil your Mum and Dad like you planned to?
  10. Do you enjoy the career you dreamed of, and do you consider yourself to be successful?
  11. How are Yogi and Liam? I hope you stayed together as your own weird little family.
  12. Are you happy?

What questions would you put to your future self?

Rachel x

10 thoughts on “Blogtober Day Sixteen – Questions To My Future Self

  1. These are lovely. They are a very good gauge of your priorities – some are professional, some private, some family, some friends. It’s heartwarming to read that you’re concerned about so many other people.
    S x

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