Blogtober Day Fifteen – A Blogger I Admire

Today’s Blogtober challenge requires me to tell you about a blogger that I admire. I have actually mentioned this topic before in my posts; My Favourite Bloggers and My Favourite Youtuber Channels.

It’s very difficult for me to mention just one. I admire so so many of the bloggers that I’ve come into contact with, as well as a few famous names, and I’d like to consider these people as my friends. I was recently extremely lucky to discover some of them through this very same challenge.

Their wit, honesty, bravery, skill and talent. Each one of them is special to me and for different reasons. Some of them blog about beauty, their life, parenthood, mental illness, fitness and the list goes on.

So, in no particular order, here is a list of Bloggers that I admire.

Kim Pepper of And On That Note She Wrote

Emma Wilson of I Am Emma Wilson

Sophie Blakemore of Sophie’s Voice

Lisa Louloubel of Kitchen Takeovers

Megan Goodsell of My Own Clarity

C.A Viletta of CAVILLETA

Rabia of A Touch Of Everything

They are just a few of the beautiful, long list of bloggers that I admire. Check out their blogs, you might find your new favourite blog!

Rachel x

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