Blogtober Day Thirteen – My Number One Travel Destination

So today’s Blogtober topic is ‘My Number One Travel Destination’ which I thought sounded pretty open to interpretation. I decided that instead of talking about somewhere I would love to go, I’d tell you about somewhere I’ve visited.

Out of all my many exotic holidays there is one that really stands out to me; our six week trip to Australia. Admittedly this was many moons ago even before we decided to live there but the memory is frozen in my mind.

Australia was, and always will be, my favourite place on Earth.

I took the Indian Pacific train across country, swam in the Great Barrier Reef, visited Uluru, Kangaroo Island, Brisbane, Sidney, Perth, Freemantle, Bondi Beach, Rottnest Island and of course O’Reillys in the glorious Blue Mountains. We went to various zoos including Taronga and the famous Australia zoo (where I even saw Bindi Irwin in the flesh) and spent a lot of time in it’s thriving cities.

It is so difficult for me to express to how you truly beautiful a place it is. So, with that in mind I decided to share with you a few of my most treasured pictures from that trip.






Picture 027

rottnest 006

rottnest 031

Picture 008




Need I say more?

Rachel x

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