Blogtober Day Nine – An Introduction For New Readers

So over the previous eight days of Blogtober (check out some of my posts My Favourite Apps, My Outfit Of The Day and The Meaning Behind My Blog Name) I seem to have picked up a fair amount of new readers.

Lucky for you lovely people today’s assigned post is an introduction for new readers.

You might be thinking who is this girl, where is she from, what is this blog about..or you might not! But I’m going to share the answers with you anyway.

Who Am I

Hi, my name is Rachel. I’m a 21 year old beauty and fashion addict who suffers with skin allergies. I work full time as a Content Administrator for an absolutely amazing company. In my spare time I manage this blog and damage control for my beautiful but messy boyfriend Liam and our hyperactive 1 year old Huskamute Yogi.

Where Am I From

Right now I live in a little coastal village in Lincolnshire. We’re very lucky to rent our own house close to my Mum and Dad and all of our friends. Boring I know. But I have lived in Australia, Welwyn Garden City and the Wirral.

What This Blog Is About

I created Cookie and Creams to provide honest information on products and treatments for allergy sufferers like myself. When I was initially diagnosed with my skin allergies in 2013 I was extremely disappointed with the lack of helpful information on the web and began my own wide search for useful products. This blog is a place you can come for honest information, laughs, stories and the occasional style inspiration.

Some Other Fun Facts

I am terrified of the dark. Cheese is my favourite food, like ever. I have a little sister who has just started her first year at University. Speaking of which – I never went. I am rubbish at time keeping and anyone who knows me will tell you how unorganised I am. However, I’m pretty confident when it comes to public speaking or anything that requires me to perform in front of an audience. When I’m telling a story I use weird noises and accents to imitate people, I don’t even realise I’m doing it sometimes! My dream is to create my own brand of beauty, skin and haircare products that are hypoallergenic and fragrance free.

So hopefully if you’re new here you know a little more about me now and that hasn’t put you off! If you’re a new reader please comment below and introduce yourself I’d love to here from you.

Rachel x

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