Blogtober Day Eight – My Favourite Apps

AHH! I’ve been doing so well, posting consistently every day and staying organised! (Check out my last post Blogtober Day Seven – The Meaning Of My Blog Name.) But, today’s topic has posed me a bit of a challenge.

I have to confess I rarely use apps at the moment. I secretly hate my phone as it’s always dying on me, freezing or just generally holding my life up. This means that I don’t like to download apps on it as they take up too much memory and slow it down even more. I pretty much stick to the bare minimum of Facebook and Instagram. (I know right I have to get to a laptop to update my twitter!)

I have recently just purchased a Macbook Pro but I’d be lying if I said I knew what I was doing with it so apps are completely out of the question at the moment. I do have an iPad, but I pretty much only use the most simple games such as Solitaire or Four In A Row!

So I guess I’m going to turn this on it’s head and share with you some things that I can do without an app. Because, technology hates me.

5 Things I Can Do Without An App

  1. Walk Yogi, because you need two hands to hold on to that monster. If I even attempted to pull my phone out of my pocket I’d be on my bum before you could say boo! Besides, I hate seeing people on their phone when they are walking their dogs. Pay some attention people!
  2. Read a book, yes an actual real life book. An icy cold tablet will never replace the feeling of real paper between your fingers.
  3. Do my makeup, surprising as this may seem I am actually capable of doing my own face most days. I love to spend some time experimenting with a new look or colours, and I certainly don’t need an app for that.
  4. Cook something beautiful, without a recipe. Ah yes, one of my favourite things to do when I’m feeling productive is to cook an entire meal from scratch without any assistance. I love to create my own sauces and sides just by taste checking them as I go along. Try it, you will feel a real sense of achievement.
  5. Write. Newsflash people, you don’t need a tablet or phone or computer to write something. Grab a pen, pencil, crayon or even a piece of charcoal and start noting down your thoughts and feelings on the nearest piece of paper to you. It could be a notebook, scrap piece or even the back of an envelope. I find this raw and unapologetic way of writing to be the best. It has been the start of many of my blog posts and even some of the articles I write at work.

Please don’t take this the wrong way if you are an app lover, you’re a much more clued in person than me! I’m simply rubbish with technology so I decided to share with you a few things I do in my spare time when I can’t wrap my brain around my laptop.

Rachel x

20 thoughts on “Blogtober Day Eight – My Favourite Apps

  1. Great post! I use technology in conjunction with my hands and other resources. Think it’s better that way, main ideas are alway on paper – more tangible and reliable, I’ve had too many posts, messages etc lost all because technology didn’t want to play ball.

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    • I agree Alicia obviously I use technology as part of my job and this blog but I’m not ashamed to admit I’m pretty useless! Just checked out your post I might start with some more basic apps that everyone has like you’ve mentioned 🙂 I pretty much just use Facebook and Instagram at the minute for this blog xo


  2. Rachel, great take on it. I love the image of you walking Yogi, a bit like my Dog Aura! I too love a good old book & putting pen to paper. I only use Facebook so wrote about that, but am not a bit ap user either. A bit old fashioned maybe, but I think that’s a good thing.

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  3. I LOVE to read. I unfortunately have a Kindle because it’s just so much more convenient sometimes :\ I’m excited to check out The Hunger Games trilogy at my library soon, though!!! It’ll be a nice switch up!


  4. It’s funny that you’ve written this because – although I use them all the time – I actually love stationery. I love books. I love magazines. I love 2H pencils. I love inkpens.
    I’m going to spread the love a little bit more from now on.


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