Blogtober Day Seven – The Meaning Of My Blog Name

Finally it’s time for me to share this with you! Blogtober day seven requires me to explain the meaning behind my blog’s name.

If you’ve not been keeping up with my Blogtober series check out my first post: Blogtober Day One – Ten Facts About Me.ย 

I’ve been getting a few questions and weird looks lately when I tell people the name of my blog.

The idea was actually suggested to me by one of my colleagues, (thanks Sammy,) because I really couldn’t think of a name that suited my niche. I was coming up with all sorts of random suggestions, some of them were even in French, and I really just wanted something short and sweet that people could remember.

Basically, the ‘cookie’ in Cookie and Creams refers to me. My surname is Cooke so this was pretty much my nickname and people’s number one joke when I was growing up! The ‘creams’ refers to my niche. I have struggled with eczema for a few years now and I really wanted to share my experiences with people at the same time as reviewing hypoallergenic products. I’ve used a tonne of different lotions, potions and creams so that is where that came from!

So that’s all it is, pretty simple really. I’ve actually been thinking about doing a bit of a re-brand and changing the name to Rachel Cooke so that people will stop asking me and then it will be obvious to them that it refers to a person! What do you think? I’m not sure whether that would seem a bit convoluted…

Rachel x

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