Blogtober Day Five – An Old Photo Of Me

Guess who’s still going, that’s right – me! I can’t believe I have already lasted through five days of Blogtober.

Today’s assigned post was ‘an old photo of me.’ My past few posts have been quite deep and since it’s a Monday I thought I’d keep this one a little more lighthearted. Have you ever heard the saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words?’ Well, it does.

On Old Picture Of Me

There are so many things I love about this picture. It says so much about me, and my family.

First of all the scenery is absolutely gorgeous, it makes my heart ache and think of a time when I didn’t know what responsibility was. Secondly, my Mum’s huge smile makes me happy. I love her smile, and she’s always smiling. She just radiates love.

Then, there’s us.

Rebecca, as usual is sat on my Mum’s knee being a little madam. At that age if she wasn’t whining, throwing a tantrum or demanding that my Mum give her all of the attention then she was probably asleep. I was always, always a dramatic child. So animated and theatrical, and I loved to pose for pictures. I was into everything. Acting, singing, dancing, drawing and painting. I even used to write my own stories and plays which I forced my little sister and our friend Ceri to be in. I was the star, of course.

I hope that when you look at this picture you can see how happy and wonderful my family is. We have an unusal dynamic, but it works. My Dad, although not featured in this picture, thinks he is in charge and likes to plan things out for us. My sister is the volatile one, always on the edge of a tantrum. I am the dramatic one and I’m normally providing some sort of entertainment, be it planned or at my own expense. Finally my Mum. She’s the boss, but she doesn’t let my Dad know it, and she’s the glue that holds us all together. She’s kind, but can be strict when she needs to be and she is always looking after us.

Do you have an old picture that you love?

Rachel x

15 thoughts on “Blogtober Day Five – An Old Photo Of Me

  1. I love old pictures! I have one with my dad, mom, aunts, and uncle when I was about 9 months old. We lived far about an hour away and came down to visit my grandparents farm. It was the best place ever for a city girl to come. Of course I don’t remember that trip, but I can still see everything about that farm!


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