Blogtober Day Two – My Favourite Quote

Hello and welcome to day two of the Blogtober challenge! Looks like I actually managed to make it to the second day! If you haven’t already check out my first post, Ten Facts About Me.

This is a surprisingly good start for me as normally I am the most unorganised person in existence. Anyway yay me, back to the challenge. Today’s assigned post was “My Favourite Quote” and I knew as soon as I saw this that I’d have absolutely no trouble completing this post.

My Favourite Quote

Β “Some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go.” – Oscar Wilde.

What I Love About It

I thought I’d explain the reason that I truly love this quote. First of all I think that Oscar Wilde was an exceptional artist and I admire his work tremendously. Secondly, I think that Oscar Wilde was a tremendous human being. I always find his quotes moving and inspirational. Not all of them are this happy, and often they are tainted with an almost sadness created by the bitter truth he saw in the world. But that doesn’t matter to me. I admire them for their honesty and wit.

This quote in particular stands out to me because it highlights one of the most important qualities of a person – their presence. I was a dramatic child – bubbly, excitable and often outspoken. People always told me I had an amazing presence that encapsulated those around me. But this wasn’t always a compliment.

As I’ve grown older I’ve learnt that my presence is the first thing people notice about me. The way that I enter a room, the way that I change the mood and the way that I treat the people within it. So when I stumbled across this quote one day when researching my favourite writer for my English homework I was truly taken aback. To me it sums up so simply and perfectly how we can all be better people.

Be kind, be honest, smile and laugh. Pay attention, listen and chip into conversation. Be that person that lights up the room when they enter. Everyday we walk in and out of people’s lives simply by entering and leaving a room. But that brief encounter can be all it takes to make or break someone’s day. Always remember to be kind. Don’t be that person that people count down the seconds until they leave.

I try to live by this quote as much as I can. Sometimes I forget. Often when I’m angry, upset or overexcited. But that’s life, you can’t be perfect all of the time – but you can do your best.

Rachel x

15 thoughts on “Blogtober Day Two – My Favourite Quote

  1. Love it! What a great explanation & way to be. So true about the impression we can make in such a short time, may as well make it count.

    I too was impressed with myself posting two days in a row ha ha.

    Well done πŸ™‚


  2. I couldn’t choose one, but this certainly speaks volume “Don’t be that person that people count down the seconds until they leave” made me smile, think of ‘be the change you want to see in others’ well said Rachel xx


  3. Your advice is very relevant to me. I try to be good company as much as possible – but sometimes I just can’t be that person. It’s important to remember that life isn’t a popularity contest from time to time.


    • I agree it is important to look after yourself and sometimes that means understanding that you can’t please everyone. However I do think you can make a huge difference in people’s lives just by walking around with a positive attitude. πŸ™‚


  4. I actually love this quote! I can relate to it so well, thank your for sharing! I think its so cool how this quote can describe your entire life! You certainly light up with blogger’s world, that’s for sure πŸ™‚


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