5 Makeup Mistakes Everyone Makes

We’ve all been there and done it. Whether you were 15 years old trying makeup for the very first time or you got too drunk when you were getting ready for a night out with your friends – I can guarantee you’ve made a makeup mistake at some point. I happen to have made almost every one in the book!

So, I thought I’d do something a little funny for a change and share 5 of my makeup mistakes with you today. Even now I am still making them; but I like to prefer of it as learning. I believe makeup is a medium and your body is your canvas. We can each create beautiful works of art, and we can all use our own methods to get there. With that in mind, please don’t take any offence from this post. It is simple light hearted fun, and these are personal mistakes that didn’t suit me or my face.

5 Makeup Mistakes Everyone Makes

1. Choosing the wrong colour foundation. 

This was pretty much the story of my life during my teenage years! I always wanted to be more tanned than I was, and obviously I thought the answer could be found by adjusting the shade of my foundation. No, just no. It is important to select the correct shade of foundation to achieve a natural and effortless finish. Unless you want to look like a little tangerine like I did!

2. Completely filling your eyebrows in.

I’m going to clarify this. I do actually use products to enhance my eyebrows, but I think completely filling them in is a big mistake for some people. The finished look can be far too harsh and unnatural, and it really draws the attention away from your other beautiful features! If you want a bold brow look though, go for it. The results can be fierce.

3. Not wiping/covering the foundation on your lips.

If you’re as eager as I am when you’re applying your foundation then it’s likely that you’re going to get some on your lips. That’s no biggie. Cover it up with a lipstick or wipe it off. Don’t do what I did and leave it, or even worse cover it with a clear gloss. It makes your lips look almost dirty and a pinky or browny colour close to the natural colour of your lips is much better if you are wanting to achieve a nude look.

4. Not preparing your false eyelashes.

False eyelashes are a lot of hard work! You need to trim them down to the size of your eyes, bend them to get a more natural shape and allow the glue to dry a little after applying if you want the perfect finish. I used to completely ignore this when getting myself ready for a night out. The result – a poor fitting eyelash that hung over the corner of my eyes, looked unnatural and started falling off a few hours into the night! If you really want a precise finish use special false eyelash applicators and complete the look with a touch of black liquid liner for a heat and tidy lash-line.

5. Not blending!

Blend, blend, blend! I cannot stress this enough! It is so important to blend your makeup properly to avoid harsh lines and an unnatural or fake look. Blend your eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, contouring…all of it. Probably my biggest makeup mistake was not blending properly. This resulted in heavy, untidy eye makeup and foundation lines all around my chin. Be sure to blend to create an airbrushed, glamorous look that isn’t cakey or obviously overdone.

That’s it for the makeup lesson today! I made so many more mistakes than this, and still do, but there is plenty of time to learn. What do you think, have you made any of these makeup mistakes in the past?

Rachel x

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