Italy 2015; Rome ☼

Today I’m going to be sharing with you the details of my Rome trip. I realise that I promised this would be up last Thursday but you’ll have to excuse me because sod’s law I’ve spent every day since Thursday in bed with a horrible cold! But, I’m back at work now and I’m feeling a little better so I’m ready to share with you.

I’m going to start by saying this was probably my least favourite part of the trip. Don’t get me wrong Rome is a beautiful place and it’s nothing personal but I wish we’d have just planned everything we wanted to do that day and then got out of there.

It was sweltering (my phone reported a temperature of 47 degrees) and the streets were full of tourists and as our bus driver called them “gypsies.” Now I don’t strictly agree with using that term but I can see why he said it. People were everywhere trying to sell us things, begging for money and pushing around. Combine that with the heat and the fact that everyone was there to do the same thing and it did not make for the most pleasant day out. Admittedly though this was our fault and it could have been avoided by better planning our time.

Anyway, on from the negatives.

The Colosseum was our first stop and I’m glad it was because it certainly lifted my mood. It was absolutely fascinating to see and it’s just dumbfounding to stand there and think that it would have been filled with thousands of people coming to watch the gladiators in it’s day. If you’re going to Rome I definitely recommend going to see it, you won’t be disappointed. Just make sure to buy your tickets with a tour guide or through your travel agent so that you can skip the lengthy queues! There are three parts to the Colosseum; the inside, the upper outside and the lower outside (not sure what the technical terms are) which is great once you’ve seen the outer structure because you can go inside where they have a sort of museum to explore. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures inside as I was so fascinated by all of the artefacts and information on display!

colosseum 1

colosseum 2

colosseum 3

Oops! In actual fact I did take a couple of pictures inside, not of anything interesting though!

inside colosseum 1

inside colosseum 2

After visiting the Colosseum we decided that we had seen the thing we most wanted to see and taking into consideration how hot and busy it was we would get on a tour bus to see the rest of the city. We managed to find an open air bus, they are pretty much all the same and there’s four or five at each bus stop so we just got on the first one, and for what I think was about 17 euros we spent the rest of our day riding around on this bus in the sunshine.

It was really hot but at each stop there were street vendors selling iced water (I was thankful for them at this point) and we got to see a lot of the city which was really nice.

Rome bus 1

rome bus 2

rome bus 3

rome bus 4

rome bus 5

rome bus 6

rome bus 7

rome bus 8

rome bus 9

rome bus 10

rome bus 11

rome bus 12

rome bus 13

rome bus 14

rome bus 15

rome bus 16

As you can see Rome really is a beautiful place. Hopefully if I ever get the chance to visit again I will be able to see a bit more of it with some careful planning! Watch this space for the next instalment of my Italy Trip 2015 series; the haul!

Rachel x

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