Italy 2015; Sorrento and The Isle Of Capri ☀

Hi Everyone!

I am home from my holiday in Italy and I finally have a minute between unpacking and being back at work to share some of my trip with you. I took hundreds of photos and my trip was packed full of adventure so I’ve decided to share it with you a little bit at a time (that way I can explain in more detail what I was doing and give you an idea of what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy as much!)

I’ll start by saying that we booked our holiday through Ledger Holidays (details here) which meant that we had pre-planned and organised trips which made it a lot easier to see more of Italy in the short space of time that we had. So, if you think we managed to squeeze a lot in it’s down to them!

My favourite part of my holiday was the trip to Sorrento and The Isle Of Capri. It really was a beautiful place, although a little touristy in areas, and I’d have loved to have spent more time there. Unfortunately we only had one day so I crammed as much in as I possibly could. I found the whole experience completely breathtaking and I really don’t think I can find the words to do it justice so I’ll try my best but I might have to let the pictures speak for themselves.

First we travelled to Sorrento by coach and spent some time getting lunch and taking pictures of the island.

sorrento lunch

sorrento jetty

Then we travelled by ferry to The Isle Of Capri where we travelled to the South side of the island and looked around some of the designer shops. I didn’t get many pictures at this point as there were a lot of designer shops and rich looking people who I thought might find it rude.

Sorrento View 1Liam Sorrento 2Liam Sorrento 1Sorrento Sea View

sorrento selfiesorrento view 2

sorrento garden viewsorrento garden 2

After that we were given some free time to explore and we were recommended a boat tour of the island. The boat was quite small so my Mum and Sister decided to stay behind (they both get very sea sick) whilst me and Liam took the tour. I have to say this was the highlight of my entire holiday. The scenery was stunning, like something straight out of a movie, and the boat bobbing up and down on the water whilst we soaked in the sunshine was so relaxing.

sorrento marinacapri foam

capri cliffgreen grotto water

capri archwhite grottorepair work on arch

ana capriwave wear on rocks capri

exclusive restaurant caprime and liam capri boat tour

lighthouse caprigreen grotto selfie capri

green grotto capri 1dream boat capri

grotto tour capricapri rocks

Even my pictures don’t do it justice. It really was a picturesque place with such natural beauty.

My only gripe with my visit to Sorrento and The Isle Of Capri was the cost. Obviously it is a popular tourist location and there are a lot of designer stores but I do think some of the prices were a bit much. For example, we payed almost €50 for one can of coke, one cappuccino and two Lemon “Gritte” which were essentially frozen lemonade slushes. Although this did grind my gears a bit it certainly wouldn’t stop me going back one day if I had the money!

So there you have the first little peek of my holiday to Italy 2015. Keep your eye out for details of the rest of my trip in the next few days.

Rachel x

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