The Top 5 Places I’d Like To Travel ✈

Today is an ‘away with the fairies’ day for me. My mind can’t help but wander off to different places and I’m struggling to concentrate on the topics I’d planned to talk about. So instead of fighting this break in concentration I thought I’d try going with it and write about some of the topics crossing my mind.

I can’t help but dream of other places, sandy beaches, big cities and adventure. I’m going to Italy on the 18th of July and I’ve been lucky in my life to travel to and experience a variety of different countries and cultures, but there are still plenty left on my bucket list.

I’ve been to Australia, Dubai, Florida, Germany, France, Berlin, Portugal, Tenerife, Cyprus, Scotland and Zante. But here are the top 5 places I’d like to travel to.

Las Vegas

There’s something about Las Vegas that just draws me in. I love the idea of the big city in the desert, casinos, swanky hotels and luxurious bars. I see it as a place where people go to escape reality and live their dreams for a weekend. The idea of this outrageous party city really appeals to me and it’s the top destination on my list. Remember; what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


Arizona is the next place on my list. I have had to put places in the United States separate because there are so many places there that I’d love to visit; and all for different reasons. Arizona appeals to me as a place of natural beauty, wonder and huge cultural potential. I’d love to go and see the Grand Canyon, national parks and experience the South Western cuisine.


Next on my list is Thailand. I know a lot of people who have been there and I really see it as a must visit place for traveller’s and adventure seekers. I want to learn about the culture, soak in the natural beauty of their tropical beaches and I’d really like to visit the Grand Palace. I associate visiting Thailand with rich culture, superior natural beauty, opulent hotels and relaxation.


Canada has always been on my list of places I’d like to travel, even since I was little, and although it isn’t quite at the top of my list I think it has so much to offer. Niagara Falls, natural wilderness and bustling cities. Canada is full of sharp and beautiful contrast to feed all of my travel addictions including rich history, natural beauty and big cities.


My Mum has always wanted to visit China and I never really understood why until recently. Unfortunately she’s never had the chance to go as she could never find anyone who wanted to go with her, but hopefully I can go with her one day now I’ve warmed to the idea. When I thought of travelling to China I originally associated the idea with strange cuisine, polluted cities and a stark contrast between the rich and poor. But, the more I have thought about it the more that I have realised what an ignorant fool I was being. Now when I think of travelling to China I imagine rich and interesting culture, exciting cuisine, economic growth and historic landmarks.

So there you have the top 5 places I’d like to travel. Hopefully one day I will cross these destinations off my list, and if I do I’m sure I will share it with you. Where are the places you’ve visited, and what are your current dream holiday destinations?

Rachel x

4 thoughts on “The Top 5 Places I’d Like To Travel ✈

  1. I LOVE Vegas! And not for the reasons one would think! I find it’s such a blast to walk down the sidewalk and see all of the people in one place having a great time! The beauty of what man can create blows my mind – so different from the majesty of mountains, deserts or oceans, but still amazing. The Fountains at the Bellagio are one of my favorites!


      • The only real recommendation I have is to stay on the Strip somewhere in the middle. It doesn’t seem that big on a map or even when you’re there, but it takes forever to walk from one place to another. If you’re in the middle of the Strip, it’s easier to get to places. You can stay in Vegas for pretty cheap, so we always look for deals on hotel stays. 🙂

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