Another Eczema Update!

I am so surprised at the improvement I have seen in my eczema over the last week. With just antibiotics and antihistamines they look so much better and less inflamed so I thought I’d share a quick update with you because I’m so excited about the possibility of them getting better in time for summer!

Eczema improvement 1Eczema improvement 3

Eczema improvement 2

As you can see almost all the redness has gone and the cuts are healing nicely. Obviously I still have eczema and discolouration but I’m hoping to see further improvement and possibly look into trying some more treatments soon.

What do you think, I really think they have improved significantly compared to this time last week (see below.)

Inflamed ankleStaph infection 2

Staph infection 1

Are you an eczema sufferer, have you got any flare ups right now and what treatments are you using?

Rachel x

4 thoughts on “Another Eczema Update!

    • Thank you I’m so excited I can’t believe how much better they are in just a week, and to think I’ve suffered to badly for nearly two years when all I needed was to use the right medication at the right time to fight it! Hope you are doing well 🙂

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    • Hi thank you, I had an infection which is why my eczema was growing in the circular shapes up my leg so I have been on a course of antibiotics and gone through moisture withdrawal. Apparently I was over-moisturising which was encouraging the bacteria and infection! Hope this helps!


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