Flashback Friday

Since it’s Friday and the weekend is almost upon us I thought I’d share some pictures from my past with you! Be warned some of these are extremely embarrassing and I do not condone the attire/poses if you want to be perceived as a normal human being.

School pictures just aren’t an accurate portrayal of your true being. Surely I never resembled a gremlin this closely?

Gremlin Rachel

I still have my trusty Buzzy Bee, he’s been through the wars and had to have his limbs be reattached multiple times but he pulled through.

Buzzy Bee

Say hello to 2009 Rachel on holiday in Dubai, sporting the customary River Island special sunglasses in the most uncomplimentary colours.

2009 rachel

The least normal sisters you will ever meet.

bridlington 2009

Oh and that time the dog became incapacitated by the wonder than is grass blowing in the wind.

incapacitated by grass

Climbing the walls of your local is not appropriate or cool.

spider woman

This is probably the best pose in my repertoire.

Best pose ever

Do you have any embarrassing flashbacks to share? Leave the link in the comments and I’ll check them out!

Rachel x

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