A Dog Called Yogi ♡

Since I never shut up about the giant ball of fluff I thought I’d tell you a little more about my dog; Yogi. At least that way you can picture him when I try to explain different stories and scenarios. He is an Alaskan Malamute cross Siberian Husky and is currently 10 months old.

We got him at 8 weeks old, a tiny little ball of fur. Although even at 8 weeks he was 7kg and nearly twice the size of his litter mates.

Pot bellied YogiYogi the day we got him

I chose the name Yogi because he looks like a giant, fluffy teddy bear. Plus Liam didn’t agree with any of my other suggestions (Pookie Bear, Barney, Cleatus, Boo Boo and Dave.)

fluffy yogi

Yogi loves to cuddle.

Yogi cuddling

Yogi loves kisses.

Yogi kisses

Yogi loves to go for walks.

Yogi walks

Yogi loves to eat.

Yogi eating

Yogi loves to steal things that don’t belong to him.


I try to go training with Yogi once a week or once every two weeks if we can make time. He’s coming along really well and can now sit, stand, lay down, stay, heel and give me eye excellent contact. His recall needs a little work.


He likes to lay down in strange positions.

Not all therestretchy dog

Yogi loves dogs and he plays with a small group of border terriors and french bulldogs every day at doggy day care. Size doesn’t matter to Yogi but he loves to have a good run around with a dog more his size.

Yogi and Dave

Yogi doesn’t like surprise visits to the vet.


If he isn’t running riot he’s normally curled up fast asleep.


And from this we can conclude that my dog is 100% insane.

Crazyfeeling crayout of it

Just one more for good measure…


Rachel x

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