Quick Eczema Update!

Since I was absent online yesterday and I’m not going to be posting very much eczema related stuff anytime soon I thought I’d give you a little explanation.

I went to the Doctor’s yesterday after having a very painful and itchy weekend and it turns out I have a staph infection and possibly also a fungal one. I am on 5 antibiotics a day and 2 antihistamines right now to try and help my skin heal a bit. Already my skin feels a little less irritated and itchy but as a result of this I have decided to leave it to heal for the time being.

My Doctor said it is a very bad infection and we need to get the timing just right to get rid of it. As soon as my feet are better though I will be reintroducing little eczema related trials and reviews into my blog. In the mean time still feel free to tell me your ideas and suggestions as I love hearing them and I did love trying them!

My Doctor said that these infections have not been caused by the Manuka Honey that I tried or any other cream. He thinks my immune system has been weakened as a result of being over-prescribed steroids and therefore there was no barrier in my skin which invited these infections in. For anyone who is easily grossed out please click away now!

My left ankle was extremely inflamed with pus filled blisters in my eczema and creeping up my leg. I also had open wounds on both feet that were oozing.

Inflamed ankleStaph infection 2

Left foot

Right foot

Staph infection 1

As you can see it has been a very difficult few days but I am on the mend now!

Rachel x

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