An Open Letter To My Eczema

I’ve seen so many of these type of posts online, and I find them so empowering and inspirational. It’s a great way to show people that they are not alone as well as confronting some of your own problems. Everyone copes in different ways, and as a late teen who was suddenly not in control of her body or life I didn’t. I hope that anyone who is having a bad day with their eczema or any other condition can read this, take a step back and know that they are not alone. Sometimes it’s okay to struggle or let your strength slip. So here it is, an open letter to my eczema.Eczema Eyes

Dear eczema,

You brought my world to a standstill. You swept me off my feet and showed me that not everything is within my control.

Dear eczema,

You showed me that to some people beauty really is skin deep and you taught me that to those people I am nothing.

Dear eczema,Eczema Feet With Shoes

You introduced me to your friends isolation, desperation and depression. I couldn’t shake that sinking feeling.

Dear eczema,

You woke me in the middle of the night; itchy,sore and ready to give up. Not even my sleep gave me an escape.

Dear eczema,

You showed me I was shy, afraid and shallow. When I didn’t feel beautiful, nothing else mattered.Bandages

But, dear eczema,

You showed me that I could stand on my own two feet and find answers for myself. You taught me to stop relying on others and get the information I needed on my own.

Dear eczema,

You taught me that superficial beauty is just the tip of the iceberg that I am. I am beautiful, I am kind and I am worthy. And, that those people who thought I was nothing didn’t matter.

Dear eczema,Patch Testing

You inspired me to share my story, to help people and to reach out so that other people didn’t have to feel alone.

Dear eczema,

You don’t have that hold on me anymore. There are good days and there are bad, but with each one I learn and grow into a strong young woman. I appreciate that people can love me despite what I perceive as my flaws and that I can return this love unconditionally. I don’t need to push those people who love me away, for them dear eczema you only served to enhance my inner beauty.

And so dear eczema, I am prepared to spend the rest of my life with you. But not at my side, you will fall to my feet and become something so small and insignificant in the bigger scheme of things that I forget all of the pain, all of the struggles and only remember how far I have come.

Rachel x

If you’ve written an open letter, please link it down below! I would love to have a read.

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter To My Eczema

    • Hi Alex I haven’t actually, I’m waiting for a food intolerance test to come back but I have been vegetarian in the past and it didn’t make any difference but I suppose that could be because I was still consuming animal products. Thank you xx


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