10 Things I’m Thankful For ❤

I’m having a bit of a bad day courtesy of my eczema, my feet are much redder and more swollen than they were yesterday because I overheated and itched them last night. So to cheer myself up and share a little more about myself with you I thought I would think about some of the things I’m thankful for.

1. My Family Rachel, Rebecca and Dad

My Mum and Dad, my sister Rebecca, my boyfriend Liam and my little angel fur face Yogi. They are crazy and testing at times but they never fail to make me smile and fill my life with great stories to tell.

2. Mornings

Every morning is a fresh start for me. I love mornings, once I manage to roll out of bed, because of all of the potential that a new day brings.

3. Green TeaMomma

When I need a little caffeine kick green tea is my saving grace and surprisingly I enjoy it more than my normal PG Tips. If you read my Summer of Self Improvement post you’ll know that I’m trying to be healthier and therefore fighting my favourite creamy, sugary latte cravings.

4. SunshineLiam and Rachel

If you’ve read some of my more recent posts you will know how excited I am for summer. There’s something about the weather warming up and the sun shining for longer that really lifts my spirits.

5. Cheese

My one true weakness in life is cheese, but I’m okay with it because cheese equals happiness. Blue cheese, cheddar, gouda; you name it and I want to demolish it.

6. MusicFriends

How I would get through some days without music I do not know. Heaphones in; world out.

7. Online Shopping

I have literally just splurged on the gorgeous lippy that I mentioned in my Clinique Wish List. Convenient and highly addictive; online shopping is a form of therapy for me.

8. Baby Animals

Because who can be mad at that little face? Seriously, more cute than baby people!Yogi the day we got him

9. My Friends

I have the most understanding, supportive and amazing friends in the World. They are more like sisters and I’d be nowhere right now without them. I owe my job to them and they always pull me through hard times.

10. The Blogging Community

Honestly, I haven’t been here long but the support and encouragement that I have received so far has been overwhelming. Writing my posts and talking to you is becoming a part of my routine and it really makes my day.

What things are you thankful for?

Rachel x

3 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Thankful For ❤

  1. Great post! I’m thankful for 1. My health (both physically and mentally) 2. My family 3. For higher education 4. Being able to travel when I can 5. Living just 15 -20 min outside of the city


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