My Favourite Youtube Channels

I know I literally just said there was nothing interesting I could possibly say today and my mind had really gone blank but suddenly the inspiration has come to me!

I love Youtube. It’s an amazing resource for connecting with other people and sharing information. I love to watch a makeup tutorial or review on my lunch break and I regularly find myself mesmerised by vlogs of people just living their daily life. So to show you what I mean here is a list of my favourite Youtube channels and what they are about.

Brye AshleyBrye Ashley

This is the most recent channel that I have discovered but my gosh is she amazing. Her videos range from makeup tutorials to daily vlogs and rants which I love. She manages to really be herself on camera and some of her videos are very emotional and raw which is often very difficult to do when you’re on camera. She really manages to make her videos seem personal and she makes every effort to be in touch with her subscribers which she nicknames her BumbleBryes!

Dr. Sandra LeeDr. Sandra Lee 

This channel is not for the squeamish or faint of heart. It features a collection of videos including blackhead and acne extractions as well as cyst removal and skin cancer treatment. Dr. Sandra Lee posts her videos online with her patient’s permission for educational purposes but most of her subscribers, such as myself, go there for a bit of relaxation. There is something so therapeutic about watching extractions for me.


This channel belongs to the succesful Youtuber Bunny Meyer. Bubbly, engaging and honest she does everything from OOTD and get ready with me videos right through to pintertest’s and tea vlogs. I love Bunny’s quirky style and the attitude’s to life, coping with anxiety and Youtube negativity that she conveys in her videos. Her channel would be great for anyone going through a difficult time right now as she posts a wealth of good advice and support on her channel.

Gigi GorgeousGigi Gorgeous

This is probably the first Youtube channel I really got into. You name it and she’s done it. Q&A, tutorials, vlogs and monthly favourites are Gigi’s area of expertise. I find her channel so refreshing and empowering and I love the way she present’s herself as a transgender woman and the way she talks about her experiences. I really love her personality and I think she is making leaps and bounds for the transgender community.

Buzzfeed VideoBuzzfeed Video

I love this channel for funny and easy to relate to videos that cheer me up when I need a little boost. They have everything from taste tests and the try guys try to facts and short videos that address social issues. They have various other channels that focus on different topics such as Buzzfeed Blue and Buzzfeed Violet but this channel is my favourite as it presents the biggest variety of videos.

So there you have a few of my favourite Youtube channels. Of course I am subscribed to hundreds and I love them all but I thought I’d mention the most important to me. What are your favourite Youtube channels? Or do you have a channel of your own that you’d like me to subscribe to?

Rachel x

All images are sourced from their Youtube channels and are the property of their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended.

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