2015; The Summer of Self Improvement

We’ve had some gorgeous weather this weekend which has really made me think about how I am going to spend my time this summer. I’ve decided to make the most of it this year and set myself some goals to work on. I always set out to do something and never finish it, so I’m hoping that by sharing my goals with you I’ll be able to keep track of my progress and share my results which should push me to stick at it. 2015 really could be the summer of self improvement for me, and I challenge you all to set yourself a new goal so we can work together on this!

1. Read 

Reading has never really been a huge passion of mine. I love a good story and I can appreciate quality writing but I’ve just never dedicated any time to it. In the past I’ve read books like Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov and The Collector by John Fowles which I really enjoyed so I’m hoping to find something similar that I can get into. I was always told that reading improves the quality of your writing and expands your vocabulary so I’m ready to give it a go. If you’ve read a really good book recently let me know and I’ll take a look!

2. Eat Healthy

I am no stranger to dieting and I’ve had my fair share of confidence issues, but since we’re setting goals I suppose it’s time to try a different approach. I’m hoping to achieve a healthier diet by the end of the summer by ensuring I eat all three meals a day, incorporating fruit and vegetables into every meal, drinking more water and limiting myself to one takeaway a month rather than one a week! It might not seem like much but I’ve been told that you are more likely to stick at it if you make small yet effective changes in your lifestyle.

3. Get Outside

Mud, bugs and creepies. I am not an outdoorsy girl. Part of being a healthier person this summer means I am going to have to get over this. Firstly I am going to take a walk with Yogi everyday (for anyone wondering why he isn’t walked everyday already he had a limp for a while and the Vet suggested I was overexercising him so we’ve been taking it really easy on his little legs but he is ready to be eased back into it now.) Secondly, I am going to go to a Zumba class and running once a week with some colleagues. I’m also going to try and appreciate the beauty of nature a little more which no doubt will involve bombarding Instagram with artsy nature pics.

4. Embrace My Eczema

This is probably the biggest goal I am setting myself. Anyone who knows me will know that I have always been very embarrassed by my eczema so to try and boost my confidence a little more I am going to show it off every day this summer. It’s been a long time since I set my feet free, they have been caged up in ankle high boots and trainers throughout Autumn and Winter, so it’s time to get my sandals and flip flops out. In fact no one has seen my feet in months, apart from my followers on here and Instagram. My biggest fear is that people won’t understand what it is or laugh at me, but I have very supportive friends and colleagues who I’m reassured don’t care what my feet look like!

5. Write

As you probably know I’m very new to blogging. I actually write a couple of blogs and create content for various websites as part of my job but I have no prior experience in this and I’m extremely lucky to have been friends with someone at the company who helped to get me in. Surprisingly I’m getting on pretty well and I have discovered a love for writing that has been really therapeutic for me. So since I’ve started this blog and I’m enjoying it so much I’m setting myself a goal to write more. I am aiming for three new blog posts a week so watch this space!

There you have it, my five goals for self improvement this summer. I am going to try and keep everyone updated on this so I don’t get lazy. Have you set yourself any goals this summer? Let me know!

Rachel x

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