10 Things About Me That You Might Not Know

I love to know more about people in the blogging and vlogging communities, and I’m an absolute sucker for this tag. So since I’m new to the blogging world I thought I’d join in and share a few things about me that you probably don’t know.

Me and Liam

1. I live with my beautiful boyfriend of two (ish) years in a bungalow in our small village. ♥

2. I lived in Australia for a year when I was thirteen, we were supposed to be staying their indefinitely but that’s a whole other story.

3. I have not been to University and don’t plan to any time soon, I just don’t do well away from my family and  I can’t see myself committing to one course for three years or more.

4. I have a younger sister who is currently completing her final year of A Levels and who hopes to get into the University of Leeds to study History.

5. I have a 9 month old Alaskan Malamute cross Siberian Husky called Yogi who I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned yet because I talk about him LITERALLY all of the time! My Baby

6. I am only 5 foot tall! My Aunt always told me that they don’t make diamonds as big as rocks.

7. Despite being known as a chatterbox I HATE talking on the phone, especially to people I don’t know like energy or insurance providers. It’s so awkward!

8. I am terrified of the dark, and have been for as long as I remember. This is usually easily cured with a night light though.

9. My goal is to one have my own brand of hypo-allergenic and fragrance free makeup, haircare and skincare.

10. I drive a van! Mainly because I take Yogi to the kennels and back every day whilst I’m at work and he outgrew my old car. I could have got an estate but he didn’t really fit comfortably into any of the models I looked at.

So there you go, ten things about me that you might not know. Let me know if you’ve done this tag I’d love to have a read!

Rachel x

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