My Eczema Story

I get a lot of strange reactions from people when they find out I have eczema, it isn’t very visible on my body apart from in the summer when the heat makes it spread more, so I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my personal experience with eczema.

Right now, my eczema is only flared up on my feet, toes and ankles. In one breath this is great because it’s easier to hide from people but in another it’s a real pain because the heat from wearing shoes to cover it up and being on my feet all day makes them itch much more.

My Feet

When I first started getting symptoms of eczema it was on my eyelids and under my eyes which were really swollen and painful. As the severity of my eczema worsened I started to get patches on my hands, feet, underarms and legs. For a long time my Doctor’s ignored the spreading of my eczema and prescribed me E45 Itch Relief Cream and various topical steroid creams over and over until I took my Mum with me to appointment one day and she demanded an explanation for my suffering. Well let me just say thank goodness she did because after patch testing it was revealed that I have a number of skin allergies that were causing my flare ups; mainly fragrance but also limonene, linalool, hexyl cinnamol, citronellal, methylchlorothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone and nickel.

Although these allergies have really changed my life in terms of what I can use and how I go about my daily routine I am really doing a lot better than I was a year ago. By changing my makeup, skincare, haircare, jewellery, washing powder, household products and completely removing fragrances from my routine I have managed to get my flare ups under control. Unfortunately, there is no cure for eczema so my flare ups will be something I have to deal with for the rest of my life. I am still really struggling to clear my feet up completely but I’m sure with perseverance I will get there in the end.

Right now the main products I use to help soothe my skin are E45 Bath Oil and Aveeno Moisturising Cream, I am also on some medications but I’m not going to big detail about them because what works for one might not for another and I really don’t think using strong medications without medical advice from your own Doctor is a good idea.

Does anyone else have a similar story to mine? Do you want to know more? Let me know, as always any questions or suggestions are more than welcome!

Rachel x

10 thoughts on “My Eczema Story

  1. I have really bad eczema on my hands and no steroid cream has ever worked, however I use oats to calm down flare ups and they really do help reduce itchiness!


  2. Oh sweet I feel your pain! I don’t have eczema and it’s definitely not as bad as what you seem to have to put up with, but I get psoriasis on my scalp and taking omega 3,6, & 9 tablets (they come in one tub) seems to have completely made mine vanish, When i remember to take it hah, my little cousin who has eczema tried it too and it’s really helped hers not flare up, always worth a try 🙂 Lovely writing style sweet, xx


    • The struggle is real! Really? I’m going to have to give that a go I’m always up for trying something new! I’ve had a few good recommendations lately including manuka honey which I’m going to try out and then do a little review of and I also found a scar treatment cream called Dermatix which I am really excited about because a lot of mine is just scarring now. Thank you my dear 😀 xx


      • It’s horrible isn’t it! Like i say mine is no where near as bad as what you have to put up with but I get it on my scalp so when it arrives with me having black hair It’s definitely not welcome, the attraction to me the time it’s there is ridiculous. hahaha. So I cant really use any creams unless I want to be greasy but the tablets have worked wonders, they’re like £7 I think for a tub of 250? Maybe? Can’t remember but they’re from boots 🙂 You’ll find you’ll find loads of new little hidden gems from people on here! Let me know if ever come across something specificaly for heads haha! xx


      • It is and it really knocks your confidence especially if it’s in a place where you can’t hide it! I am going to purchase these this weekend then because I need a miracle! I did once use a shampoo specifically for people with psoriasis because it was fragrance free but I can’t remember for the life of me what it’s called but I have a bottle at home from when I stocked up xx


  3. I think it took some bravery to write this post so MORE power to you! I’m glad you took your mom to the doctor with you that one time. My mom’s the same way.

    Mom’s get answers.

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